Supporting staff in a time of uncertainty

COVID-19 launched most organizations into an Unexpected Transition. We imagine servant leaders who are now on the road with their backpacks, walking from the land of what was to an unknown land of what is. Frontline workers and other human service workers are continuing the work while having their own experience of the Global pandemic.

Our “What’s in Your Backpack?” Series provides managers with framework and tools that will enhance your support of staff and other stakeholders in your non-profit or public agency.

What's in Your Backpack? A Suite of Professional Development Services
A good supervisor understands that their staff need to have a sense of safety and support in order to deliver services with fidelity to the mission and values of their organization. Cultivating that sense of safety comes through a leadership approach that is nimble and responsive to the actual and felt needs of the staff members responsible for making work happen. Blaze Consulting Group has over 25 years experience coaching and training leaders in non-profit and public sector organizations throughout the nation. Building from research and the experience of leaders on the ground, we have developed a suite of offerings to support managers to hold space for their colleagues who are keeping their organizations open-whether working from home or the office.

Our offerings:

  • Online Facilitation - we can run impactful meetings for you. We can train you staff to run impactful meetings:
  • Teachers
  • Educators
  • Supervisors and Managers
  • Special Topic: Anticipatory Grief in the time of Coronavirus (2-3 hours)

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We provide dynamic personal and professional coaching. Coaching goals might include a range of topics including:

  • Supervision
  • Managing heavy workloads
  • Coaching difficult employees
  • Managing through transition
  • Asking for help

Consultants at Blaze Consulting Group strengthen the performance and satisfaction of non-profit and public sector employees at the mid-management and executive level through dynamic coaching. Our coaching practice has been time tested for over 15 years through our participation and partnership with On The Verge, A Leadership Development Program. We partner alongside emerging and established leaders to improve the quality of their work and the quality of their relationships with colleagues, clients and community.

We support emerging leaders to improve their work by establishing a growth agenda, building skills to meet that agenda and engaging in direct, honest feedback that provides real time information to move to the next level of performance. Previous clients have asked for support to improve program implementation, manage heavy workloads, interpersonal dynamics with colleagues and boost supervision interactions.


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Get The Quality Training Your Staff Needs

Managers and leaders of non-profit organizations are often busy with the essentials of staying in business.  They are delivering results and documenting impact. While leaders are able to articulate their vision for programs in a compelling manner, it doesn’t always mean they have the time or skill to transfer the mission, vision and values into staff practices and behaviors.

Blaze Consulting Group has a proven method of training that supports staff members to transfer the learning agenda from theory to practice. Utilizing the power of adult learning theory and experiential learning techniques, our trainings are consistently ranked high among participants.  Supervisors and organizational leaders request Blaze facilitators because they know that staff members will leave trainings with observable skills, inspiration and a readiness to activate change on the ground.


"Franklin is really flexible and that is much appreciated. He is also just one of the most powerful and engaging trainers we've seen!"

Bay Area Community Resources


Engaging, Fun, and Productive Facilitation

Our Lead Consultants are trained and experienced facilitators who can drive meeting outcomes while building connection among team members. Our tools of meeting management help team members to feel engaged throughout the session. We carry a human-centered approach to meetings where we understand how people need to receive and process information in order to make decisions and get work done.

Meetings during COVID-19 are sometimes perceived as stale contributing to a fatigue of videoconferencing. Blaze Consulting Group has been trailblazing an array of innovative tools for online meetings that hold participants’ interest from start to end of the meeting.  Our meetings capture folks on the left-brain and right brain side of the equation so that we all experience impactful moments.

We love retreats! For over 25 years, the Blaze Consulting Group team has been bringing together groups of people to build strong ties that establish trust and create a work environment that people co-create.  Our philosophy of leadership encourages authenticity and healthy risk taking which builds team members ownership of the work processes and it pushes for commitment to results. (Pics of retreats)

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"I love Franklin and Jenjii’s facilitation stance. They have some many practical strategies to support new youth practitioners to the field."

Be The Change Consulting

"Jenjii was a great facilitator and also has a great personality. She warms up the room and puts everyone at ease when tackling what can be difficult topics."

San Francisco Unified School District

Consulting Services

Get More From Consulting Services Designed With You in Mind

  • Program Design - after school, summer, housing programs Customized Workshops
  • Strategic Planning
  • Staff Conflict
  • Mediation
  • Career Exploration

"Y'all rock! Strong consulting skills, youth development background, reliable."

Be The Change Consulting


Blaze Consulting Group offers team building modules that support leaders and staff members to coordinate their efforts toward organizational purpose. Our approach puts people at the center of any effort to transform organizations and community. Relationships built on trust, mutual respect and a recognition of each team members contribution are the glue that hold together the members of a high performing team. We believe that when staff members have clarity of purpose and strong interpersonal relationships, the team will experience outcomes that result from high performance

We have led hundreds of team building activities for boutique organizations and large agencies. Previous clients include city and county agencies, non-profit staff teams, college-affiliated organizations, youth development organizations and faith-based institutions. Team building agendas are designed for each client based on need and are grounded in research and best practice of high performing teams. Our team building engagements can range from a two day off-site retreat to an afternoon reflective circle.

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